Windows Phone 10 Secret Codes & Hacks

If you are one of the few people who managed to upgrade to windows phone 10 successfully or part of the even smaller minority that purchased one you need not fear. Many of us still have hope for the ecosystem and still bother to test which windows phone 10 secret codes and hacks work.

Windows Phone 10 Secret Codes

These codes are tested and confirmed to work on several early builds of Windows 10 however they have only been tested on mobile devices and not desktops or notebooks.

  • *#06# – IMEI Display
  • ##634# – Colour and Life Time Counters
  • ##3282# – Field Test Mode (May not require the trailing #)

The old diagnostic menu seems to work on several devices as well; (##634#) The following is available for those devices.

Audio Loopback
Battery Status
Hardware Buttons
Headset Detection
LCD White
Power Source

The full diagnostics menu seems to be hit and miss but it looks like its available on upgraded devices. Speaking of upgrades many of you may be wondering why more than a year later you still find yourself unable to upgrade your windows 8 phone to windows 10.

Force Upgrade to Windows Phone 10

This has been tested on a 640XL LTE (Orange Telecom Branded).  Most often you simply need to download the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor to your device and let it run. For most eligible devices this will allow you to run updates normally via the settings menu.

At a guess this is a work around to get past the requirement for operators to release the update. Windows 8 for Phones required the Telco to approve and release the update while Windows 10 works a bit more like iOS where the updates are pushed directly via Microsoft. I suspect that the upgrade advisor “unlocks” the device and changes the internal URL for updates. Either way this seems to have gone mostly unnoticed and many devices are still on windows 8 without any knowledge that an update is available.

Remember that not all devices are able to upgrade so try not to be too disappointment if you can’t upgrade. I know it was very sad to see the Lumia 920 fall behind the same way the first gen devices all ended up stuck on 7.8.


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