Top 10 Chumby Widgets

For those that are not sure what a Chumby is, basically it is a smart linux based ambient device which runs widgets to complete various functions. It does basic things like alarm clocks and calenders but the real fun is in the advanced widgets for social networking.  Here are my top 10 Chumby widgets which you should check out on your Chumby one or classic. I put together a Chumby hubpage if you need more information about the device itself.

Top 10 Chumby Widgets

Since the Chumby is something your normally use in the morning when waking up the widget list here keeps that in mind 😉

Best Chumby Widgets

chumby engadget widget

Engadget Widget

Owning a Chumby makes you a serious gadget geek so it goes without saying that you will have a keen interest in gadget news. The engadget widget is a must have for your Chumby and worth adding to your favorite Chumby channels. The widget pulls the latest news down to your Chumby so that you never miss important technology news.







chumby google calendar widget


Google Calendar Widget

Considering that the first thing you are likely to see in the morning is your Chumby it makes sense that you should be able to see what your schedule looks like for the day. After all if you can squeeze in another hour of sleep you should not miss the opportunity






chumby weather widget

The Weather Channel Widget

All gadgets have weather applications and the Chumby is not different, the only difference is that it actually makes sense having a weather application on the Chumby







chumby daily dilbert widgetDaily Dilbert Widget

Nothing like a good laugh to get your motivated in the morning or help you unwind a little before heading to bed.








chumby horoscope widgetChumby Horoscope Widget

Even if you don’t care much for horoscopes the little message can get your day going the right way with a bit of positive motivation for the day ahead.








chumby new york times widgetNew York Times Widget

No need to get out of bed just to read the daily paper, in fact the Chumby widget library includes many of the more popular publications and if you cannot find your favorite newspaper you can always us the RSS reader widget







chumby nasa widgetNASA Image of the day widget

Each day NASA shows a new image of the day, this widget delivers that image to your Chumby







Social Widgets

chumby facebook appFacebook Widget

No introduction required, everyone knows about facebook. This application lets you view and make status updates or browse your friends. There are also application available which only look at status or wall feeds.








chumby twitter appTwitter Widget

No introduction required, this widget lets your view recent tweets or send out your own tweets








chumby youtube widgetYoutube Widget

Great for those nights where you just cannot fall asleep.





Sure Chumby is more than just an alarm clock or bedside gadget. Considering how many people use it for exactly that purpose these 10 applications are certainly the best widgets for Chumby.

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