List of Free Raspberry Pi Colocation Companies

A couple of companies have raised their hands over the last months offering free raspberry pi colocation hosting  and I thought it would be nice to keep a small list. I suspect that more companies will start offering the service in time and if I am missing a company on this page please feel free to send me the details.


A picture of the famous Rpi “supercomputer”

PCExtreme (Netherlands)

One of the things I quite like about the current PC extreme offering is that they allow you to order the hardware directly from them as well, This is great for those of us on the other side of the world since it saves us the time and hassle associated with international mail and customs clearance. Understandably there is quite a queue and you can’t expect to get your unit hosted overnight but the team is doing a great job and keeping up as best they can.

EDIS (Austria)

Another favorite of mine, lately I have noticed that they are out of stock but I expect they will make more space available in the near future.

FSdata (Sweden)

The application form was a little confusing at first but another great hosting option

Micron21 (Australia)

Out friends down under in Australia have pretty high bandwidth costs and as a result the hosting of your raspberry pi is free however they are “forced” to charge for the bandwidth. This option is likely only attractive for those living in Australia since the costs are exhorbitant compared to Europe/USA.

I would hope that a South African company comes along and does the same but i fear that it is not something our market typically does, free is a taboo term in our ICT industry and most likely there would be a list of associated costs like our Australian counterparts. Regardless there are some good options for colocating your raspberry for free in the rest of the world.

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