Firefox OS (Phone) Secret Codes & Hacks

It has been a very long time since I spun one of these together but here goes for old times sake; If you happen to have a Firefox phone in your hands you are part of a very small group of people that managed to get one since they were barely sold outside of India via official channels. It seems that distribution will improve late 2016 at the soonest but I am not getting my hopes up in any form.

List of codes tested on an Alcatel & ZTE. It seems most work on Alcatel but not all of the hidden menus are available on the ZTE. There could also be variations based on the version of the OS keeping in mind that it seems to be a strange situation with some devices stuck on 1.2 etc.

Secret Codes:

  • ###847# – Engineering Menu
  • ###337*07# – Master Reset
  • *#000000# – Service Menu
  • ###847# – Factory Reset
  • *#06# – IMEI (Standard on all mobile phones and tablets with GSM support)
  • ###765*05# – Network unlock

Possible Master Codes (Alcatel)

HD1,HE1 : 25228353
BE1,BE3 : 25228352
BE4,BE5 : 83227423
BG3.BH4 : 83227423
***.TH4 : 83227423

The slow release of the Firefox OS and phone series is fairly sad. The OS has a lot of potential and poor partner choices really hurt adoption. Trying to get a device in your hands for testing/dev is virtually impossible. I know it took many frustrating interactions to get one for myself and it was eventually eBay since the recommended partner was an absolute disaster.  The OS has a lot of potential to be a very interesting market entrant but it is a tough market and as many including Microsoft have found nothing but perfection will do.


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