Best DiSEqC Motor

If you are looking at getting a motorized dish setup for ku band you might have some questions about which diseqc motor is the best and what to look out for while shopping for a motor. We will be looking only at the best DiSEqC motor options and ignoring actuators and vboxes for the time being. If you are in the market to motorize you satellite for FTA or PayTV you should consider your motor choice carefully.

DiSEqC Motor

First off a bit of general advice motorizing you satellite dish, you must make sure the motor can accommodate the dish size and you must make sure the motor can cover the satellites you are interested in picking up.

The big names in DiSEqC motors right now would be, Moteck, Stab & Superjack. Each of these companies produces high quality motors and have received favourable reviews in the past but what we want is to find the best motor for your application and to do that a bit of knowledge about the DiSEqC motors is required.

The following Comparison table between the DiSEqC motors shows that there is very little difference between them but the differences can be important depending on your specific setup.

Model Max Size Rotation speed Pos Mem Elevation Azimuth
Moteck SG2100 1.2 1.9° / sec ( at 13V) ; 2.5 °/ sec ( at 18V) 60 10-70 150
STAB – HH120 1.2 0.4° / sec ( at 13V) ; 0.7 °/ sec ( at 18V) 49 15-70 140
Superjack DG120 1.2 1.9° / sec ( at 13V) ; 2.5 °/ sec ( at 18V) 60 25-75 160

Moteck SG1000:

A good all round motor and given the low cost it makes a great starter motor. It delivers as promised with quiet and quick movement of the dish, the only problem I found is that occasionally it forgets the positions and develops a mind of its own which can be slightly annoying when you already waited to change a channel.

STAB – HH120:

A all time favorite amongst enthusiasts and it delivers, the motor is easy to configure and works like a charm, The smaller Azimuth is not always favourable but that is completely setup dependant. My only complaint is the Rotation speed, It is faster than rated in the manual but still slower than the two major competitors. A fantastic motor however it can be a lot more expensive than other models in some countries.

Superjack DG120:

The Superjack offers a fantastic balance of function and price.  It lives up to the reputation of being a strong motor for rough and windy conditions. The only problem is availability of the unit which seems to be scarce these days. There are however many clones available of all three motors and several of them offer acceptable quality if you are looking for something cheaper or easier to find where you live.


The overall best DiSEqC motor in my experience has been the Superjack but in fairness each of these 3 will be worthwhile purchases if they match your setup expectations. A motorized dish is definately one of the cheapest and most fun ways to increase your television channel variety with freetv

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