Starcraft jargon and abbreviations

All games have their own lingo and if you are playing a game for the first time it can be a bit confusing. Here is a list of the Jargon you will see in Starcraft and Starcraft 2 and the meanings of these sc phrases. Some of the abbreviations are common to other games in particular Blizzard games but the usage may vary slightly. I have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible but I am sure I would have left some out. If you have better interpretations or new abbreviations to add please drop me a mail.

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This is a list of the commonly used lingo in Starcraft, it does not include race specific jargon which I will create another abbreviation list for as soon as I get some time.

Starcraft Abbreviation List:

AbbreviationShort MeaningLonger description
3/3Fully UpgradedRefers to having maxed out the technology tree upgrades in
APMActions per minuteAverage actions taken per minute, used when evaluating your performance
BackdoorBackdoor EntranceAlternative base entrances very often blocked by debris which can be destroyed
BackstabBackstabbingAttacking your allies without warning or notice
BMBad ManneredReserved for sore losers who spam pylons or fly buildings around when they have clearly lost the match
BOBuild OrderRefers to the order in which build commands are issued. For example “Rax 11/19”
BWBroodwarUsed to refer to the Starcraft 1 Expansion
ChoboNewbieKorean phrase for Loser/Newbie
ChokeChokepointNarrow areas used to funnel or slow rushes and control the flow off units, a common strategy for Terran players
DDDon’t dieSelf explanatory and really good advice Tongue out
DLDon’t leaveA request to not leave the game, may signify a request for a rematch
DropTroup DropDescribes dropping troops using any of the flying units in game which transport units (overlord, vac etc)
DSDon’t suckSelf explanatory
ExpoExpansionDescribes expansion into a new area, often used to refer to your secondary base
EyesDetection UnitsRefers to units that can detect invisible units such as Ravens, Observers and Overseers
FTWfor the winCommon to all blizzard games, often used to express approval of units or tactics.
G2GGood 2 GoReady to start
GGGood GameUsed at the end of a match as a courtesy to other players specifically the winner
GL HF or glhfGood Luck Have FunUsed at the beginning of the game most often by the host as a courtesy
GosuUpper HandKorean phrase for high level players
GTGGot to GoHave to leave now
HarrassHarrasmentTypically small but frequent attacks used to disrupt the opponents supply line or build order
HasuLower HandKorean phrase for medium level players
KAKick AssSelf explanatory
L2PLearn to PlayA common Blizzard saying and normally a very negative way of saying “you suck”
LineSupply LineMineral Gathering supply line, for example you may be asked to interrupt a supply line
MacroMacro-managementThe big picture focus of game play such as supply line management, productions, build orders and expansion
MainMain baseUsually a players primary base and most often the starting point
MassMass UnitsGathering large amounts of units to swarm attack an opponent
MicroMicromanagementThe management of units and armies on the battlefield including the use of unit abilities
MoneyResourcesMinerals & Gas
Nat/NaturalNatural ExpansionThe most logical expansion point in relation to starting position
NewbNewbieUsed to refer to new players with little to no experience
NoobNoobUsed to refer to new or unskilled players with poor attitudes or arrogance.
Owned/PwnedBig LoseA lose by a big margin, for example “I was pwned” or “He got owned”
PumpUnit ProductionShort phrase for production of units, normally mass production
QQCry MoreUsed to describe whining in game for example somebody could be QQing about race imbalance
RMRemakeA game started over due to a lost player or any other unfavourable conditions
RushEarly Unit RushDescribes and early rush of basic units attempting to overun the opponent
SCStarcraftGeneral abbreviation for Starcraft
SC2Starcraft 2General abbreviation for Starcraft II
ScoutingScoutingGaining information about the map and opponents using units or structure abilities.
SCUMUser MapA map made by a starcraft player and not Blizzard
Tech/TechingTechnology UpgradesUsed to describe spending resources on upgrading technology trees
TurtlingHolding GroundBuilding up a base with heavy defenses without a big focus on offensive, often a negative term
WallBlocking WallBlocking the ramp with buildings to slow melee units, common Terran strategy to allow marines to kill off early melee rushes
WorkerGathering UnitsRefers to building and gathering units – SCV, Probe and Drone
WPWell PlayedA courtesy to players who displayed skill during a match
XvXRace vs RaceUsed to describe which races are competing for example TvZ means Terran vs Zerg
ZergedEarly Rush DescriptionUsed to describe the effect of being rushed, “I was zerged” Popular in many blizzard games for example in WoW you could zerg a PvP point

And there you have it an extensive list of the phrases and abbreviations you may come across while playing Starcraft or Starcraft II.

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