FTA satellites in South Africa for Free TV (Ku Band)

If you are looking for Free TV in South Africa  a good place to start is by finding out what satellites cover South Africa and deciding if the channels will appeal to you. Many satellites around the world broadcast FTA channels which provide options for watching television without subscriptions legally and if you find free TV channels that appeal to your tastes this may be a great option if you find Pay TV too expensive.

If you are looking for free television then you will probably want to check these satellites in South Africa which have FTA channels available. You will need a KU band LNB to receive free TV on these satellites. Remember that you can use a DiSeqc switch or motor to view multiple satellites from a single receiver or decoder. Your local installer should be able to provide you with the best options and pricing for the equipment.

At the time of compiling this list there are about 70 free to air satellite channels visible from South Africa on the KU Band but be warned if you are looking for free TV you should keep in mind that this number changes very often as channels are removed or encrypted. It can still be a great alternative to DSTV or TopTV if you can’t afford the monthly subscriptions and just want basic free television at home. Also the local Pay TV providers have been locking their decoders to prevent adding of FTA channels in an effort to prevent access to free television in South Africa. You will be far better off buying a FTA decoder which can be obtained from many local satellite installers including the accredited installers.

KU band satellite dish on FTA and free tv

Disclaimer: Free TV implies no subscription, you will still have equipment costs also FTA channels come and go without warning.

NameBeamLyngsat Channel ListSatbeams Channel List
Telstar 12 (15.0W)EuropeSAClick HereClick Here
Intelsat 4 (72.0E)Africa & South AfricaClick HereClick Here
Intelsat 7 (68.6E)South AfricaClick HereClick Here
Intelsat 10 (68.5E)Africa & EuropeClick Here Click Here
Intelsat 12 (45.0E)South AfricaClick HereClick Here
Eutelsat W3A (7.0E)AfricaClick HereClick Here
Eutelsat W4 (36.0E)Africa (Partial SA)Click HereClick Here
Eutelsat W7 (36.0E)South Africa & Sub SaharaClick HereClick Here
Eutelsat W2A (10.0E)South AfricaClick HereClick Here
Eutelsat W2 (16.0E)Madagascar (Partial SA)Click HereClick Here
Sirius 4 (4.8E)AfricaClick HereClick Here
Hellas 2 (39.0E)S1Click HereClick Here
Rascom 1 (2.8E)Southern HemisphereClick HereClick Here
Eurobird 16a (15.8E)Madagascar (Partial SA)Click HereClick Here
Galaxy 11 (32.8E)South AfricaClick HereClick Here
Intelsat 802 (32.9E)Spot 2 Click HereClick Here
Telstar 11N (37.6W)Africa Click HereClick Here


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