Free TV Channels in South Africa – FTA KU Band

Just a list of the TV channels available for free in South Africa using a KU band satellite dish as at July 2010, FTA channel lists change pretty often so this won’t valid for too long but you can get the latest lists using lyngsat or satbeams websites. The list will give you an idea of which channels you could receive with a motorized satellite installation using a DiSEqC motor.

Free TV channels in south africa - ku band fta


Hopefully we get more interesting channels eventually but as you can see on this list some of the fta TV channels are not too bad and if you have an interest in Islamic TV channels or African TV channels there is some decent free television available. At this stage there are very few Free HD TV channels available but more should launch in the next few months.

Well here it is, a list of free to area channels available in most of the sub Sahara on the KU band, you would be able to pick most channels up with a Motor and 1.2m dish.


ChannelLinkSatOther Sats
Purple Turtle Communications 11N – 37.6W
Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries 11N – 37.6WIntelSat 10 (68.5E)
Smile of a Child TV 11N – 37.6W
JCTV 11N – 37.6W
RRsat promo 11N – 37.6W
KidsCo 11N – 37.6W
Bom Deus 11N – 37.6W
Apostolic Oneness Network 11N – 37.6W
Inter + 12 – 15W
MSNBC 12 – 15W
BYU TV 12 – 15W
Globecomm 12 – 15W
Da Ai 2 12 – 15W
MAC TV 12 – 15W
GünAz TV 12 – 15W
VoA TV Persian 12 – 15W
BBC Persian 12 – 15W
Hwazan Satellite TV 12 – 15W
Aghapy TV 12 – 15W
GlobeCast 4 (4.8E)
Canal Info News 4 (4.8E)
STV 1 4 (4.8E)
BVN TV Europa 4 (4.8E)
The Israeli Network 4 (4.8E)
GlobeCast promo 4 (4.8E)
Voxafrica Africa 4 (4.8E)
Canal 2 International 4 (4.8E)
LM TV 4 (4.8E)
TPA Internacional W3A (7.0E)
2S TV W3A (7.0E)EutelSat W4 (36.0E)
MTA International W3A (7.0E)
TV Zimbo W3A (7.0E)
RTS 1 W3A (7.0E)EutelSat W4 (36.0E)
Afro Music Channel W2A (10.0E)
The MGM Channel Portugal W2A (10.0E)
Mboa TV W4 (36.0E)
Touba TV W4 (36.0E)
ORTB TV W4 (36.0E)
LoveWorld Plus W4 (36.0E)
CCTV W7 (36.0E)
CCTV 4 Europe W7 (36.0E)
CCTV News English W7 (36.0E)
CCTV FEutelSat W7 (36.0E)
NTV Uganda W7 (36.0E)
NTV W7 (36.0E)
KBC Channel 1 W7 (36.0E)
K24 W7 (36.0E)
KTN W7 (36.0E)
My TV promo 10 (68.5E)
ViewAfrica Network 10 (68.5E)
Madani Channel 10 (68.5E)
Faith TV 10 (68.5E)
Press TV 10 (68.5E)
TV Novo Tempo 10 (68.5E)
Supreme Master TV 10 (68.5E)
ACBN 10 (68.5E)
KICC TV 10 (68.5E)
Spirit Word 10 (68.5E)
ManáSat 10 (68.5E)
ManáSat 1 10 (68.5E)
Kurios-TV promo 10 (68.5E)
Hosanna Broadcasting Network tests 10 (68.5E)
Daystar TV 10 (68.5E)
Kingdom Life Network 10 (68.5E)
3ABN International 10 (68.5E)
Eden Life Network 10 (68.5E)
Emmanuel TV 10 (68.5E)
DCLM 10 (68.5E)
Chosen TV 10 (68.5E)
Omega Channel 10 (68.5E)
Hope Channel International 10 (68.5E)
Divine Truth 10 (68.5E)
Mindset Health 7 (68.6E)
Mindset Learn 7 (68.6E)
France 24 English 7 (68.6E)
Vivid mosaic 7 (68.6E)
God TV Africa 7 (68.6E)

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