Digital Terrestrial DVB-T Coverage Map – Johannesburg

The Test signal for digital TV and digital radio have been running in South Africa for some time now but there has been very little talk about it and getting the coverage from sentech can be tricky. However these are the Johannesburg Digital Terrestrial coverage maps for the test signal. Since it is a test signal it is subject to change but at least you will know if it is worth trying to get digital TV channels in your area.

This is the dvb-t coverage map for the JHB test before the digital switchover and if you are in the coverage area it may be worth testing the signal. You should probably not invest in a digital TV set yet until the technical details are confirmed for service launch but cheap digital TV boxes or a dvb-t tuner for a PC is cheap enough to risk for most people.

DVB-T digital switchover coverage - johannesburg

Of course digital TV channels are not the only thing you can look forward to since digital radio is also being tested and at this stage South Africa will use regular DAB for the digital terrestrial radio broadcast. The coverage is similar to the DVB-T coverage for the most part.

DAB pilot coverage - south africa - johannesburg

The bottom line is the if you are in the test area and have R300 spare it may be worth giving digital terrestrial TV or digital radio a try and waving goodbye to  analogue TV for good hopefully.

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