CCTV Installation Advice and Tips

If you are having CCTV installed or installing CCTV yourself you should consider the following tips to make sure you get the most out of your surveillance. Every location is different and you should go with the options that work for you however there are some common points to consider.

CCTV Installation Tips

The Camera’s

1. Cabling & Height

You should place your cameras at a height that prevents tampering while still being practical to reach via  ladder if you need to clean or make adjustments. Cabling should be out of site and out of reach, remember if the cable is cut you will not get recordings.

2. IR & Night Modes

Make sure you select cameras that are suitable for the requirements, if you want CCTV at night you will most often use IR led cameras and you should make sure that they are rated for the distance you intend to cover with the cameras

3. Camera Housing

If you are installing the camera indoors or in a location where weather will not be a problem you probably don’t need a camera housing. However if they camera will be exposed it is advisable to spend the extra money on suitable housing.

4. Camera Location

In most cases you will not have infinite budget and will need to select your camera locations carefully. Try to install the cameras in locations that cover common entry/trouble points and doorways.

DVR and Screens

You should place your equipment in a location that is convenient for viewing live footage and recordings. Most modern systems will have 1-2 dedicated CCTV displays and be visible from all television sets in a home/office. Pick locations that give you the most benefit for example near the most commonly used exit or the common areas.

If you have any more CCTV installation tips that you think should be here please send them through.

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